We are BD TravelSolution

We monetize your traffic. We are part of your brand. We increase your client base and help you to achieve your targets.

Travel and Booking Solutions

We improve the online travel purchasing experience for your users. We monetize your site's traffic with cutting edge market technology

Our Proposal

If you have a travel website that needs booking technology, then we have an easy-to -use product for you.

Access the best product

We provide our inventory, as well as the tools needed to promote it, at the time your website needs it and the market demands it.

Search box

Configure the reservation box to your needs. Insert your code in the HTML and start sending traffic to your site to generate bookings and earn commissions.

Booking Engine

Integrate the booking engine with the fastest response time in the industry and configure it according to the needs of your business.


Easily configure the mobile web version of the booking engines.

Integration forms

We have two ways of integrating our product: A white label solution or through our API. You decide.

Business model

Join our affiliate program and monetize traffic to your site.

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